siniXster’s cloaked spaceship hypothesis

Said the tin-foil-hat-wearing,  little-grey-men otaku () of the coronal mass ejection (CME) as it passed Mercury and “seemed” to illuminate a near by object:

“It’s cylindrical on either side and has a shape in the middle. It definitely looks like a ship to me, and very obviously, it’s cloaked…”

  • Before I continue: for a much less snarky response to this (and certainly higher quality) this article goes into a bit more of the specifics as explained by the researchers themselves.

So when the folks who actually analyze this stuff are asked (imagine that revolutionary idea), it turns out that these images are MASSIVELY “manipulated” using “tricks” (as in ‘hide the decline’ kind of tricks [look it up]) to create an effective graphical representation.

So what do the actual researchers that released this clip say is going on here?  Well, as it happens, the background of space is actually very bright (especially near the sun) and in order to subtract out the noise and ‘see’ the CME, multiple images are compared and pixels that are bright in both images are subtracted away making them darker in the composite, while areas that were dark the day before and bright in the next image are amplified in the composite to make the CME easier to see.

Now if a really fast moving object was obscuring a region of the image on one day and had moved a good distance since the last image, the place it was yesterday would be artificially dark and therefore the scientists’ “dastardly trick” to allow them to actually see the phenomena they study would cause an artificially BRIGHT spot in the composite image compared to yesterday’s image as an artifact of their evil manipulation of data. Hence the planet sized flash.  Mercury is pretty damn fast btw.  It orbits the sun about every 3.14285 months – which is weirdly close to pi come to think of it…

Side Note: humans LOVE to see patterns – especially when they look like UFOs… or The Virgin Mary… or Jesus… or pi even I guess… if you’re a geek.

Is this explanation metaphysically True?

You know, I am not afraid to say that I truly don’t know.

But lets play “be the evil scientists” for a second and ask ourselves which of the two proposed scenarios is most likely?

  1. The naval observatory knowingly released conclusive evidence of a cloaked ship (a ship that was so effing stupid, mind you, as to let itself be engulfed by a MASSIVE wave of life destroying radiation not-to-mention reveal itself to us backwoods hicks in the process) and yet the Navy still decided to deny it (cheeky bastards).
  2. Many really interesting things in this universe are sometimes REALLY hard to see unless you can come up with a way to subtract away the noise and increase the signal; and that this process can never be perfect so it is virtually guaranteed that sometimes its gonna cause weird shit to show up in the data.

Just dont ask a climategate-er…

Of course it was probably really just the Doctor charging up the T.A.R.D.I.S. with all that nasty sungasm energy.


Yeah, I’m pretty sure I’m going with that one.

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