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SciPlore: Mind-mapping for academic writing

As a Ph.D. student, I am constantly trying to improve my ability to communicate the findings of our lab and my work to others.  A central part of this effort in any academic setting is the composition and publishing of scholarly articles and presentations.  One of the keys to a great paper or presentation (other than actually having something interesting to talk about) is organization and flow.  If the end product is a paper, you will also need to maintain and easily refer to dozens and sometimes hundreds of citations to past papers that relate to your work.

An international group of scientists and software engineers have adapted the existing mind mapping software called FreeMind to make it a bit more targeted to planning and writing academic communications.  Probably the biggest improvement they have made to FreeMind with a mind to academics is the ability to effortlessly integrate your entire library of PDFs and references into SciPlore.

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