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Now Blogging at movingthelamppost.com

Hello anyone who might be following this still.  I will now be blogging from http://movingthelamppost.com

I have recently joined the trend of taking my blog ‘static’ rather than using a more complicated database driven solution like WordPress. One major reason for me is that I like to write content in abstraction. I love LaTeX for this reason and I love Sphinx for the same reason. I chose Tinkerer as my static engine because it is actually built from Sphinx and it is written in my favorite language (Python). Sphinx is a code documentation framework originally built for python. I use it to generate my documentation using reStructuredText markup. I figured since I am more-or-less used to the way Sphinx does its markup, I would choose a blog engine that worked the same way. So far, I like it. It is a bit less mature than some of the other static engines out there (Octopress being a VERY popular one) but I think it will grow nicely.

My main goal for Moving The Lamppost is to serve as a place for me to record random thoughts about my work and what is going on in science at large in such a way that I can engage in dialog with others about it. Relating to that goal is my desire to foster relationships with other scientists or informed hobbyists that can approach what is termed Open Science. I hope to make this my home base for sharing what I am interested in as well as what I am actually working on: including data and figures.

Hope to engage you there!